Landscape Services

American Landscapes is a full service provider. We can perform any landscape task you may want to accomplish. We have over twenty years of experience servicing Ames and the surrounding areas, and will apply our knowledge, skills and supplies to produce the very best results.

We install and design landscape plants, walls, best, trees, patios and more. Give us a call for a free estimate - and the very best service around.


Limestone retaining walls can add an ordered, modern feeling to your landscape. Limestone pieces come in all different sizes, so many different styles are possible. The picture to the right shows retaining wall within a bed. This is an example of the added depth retianing walls can provide in a landscape. This photo also shows Decorate Boulders which we can incorporate into any design. We also installed these Mulch Beds, perfect for planting annuals, perennials and anything else.


We also specialize in Limestone Edging. This adds a defined line between beds and turf. Having this edge helps keep any decorative vining/spreading plants inside your beds, as well as keep grass and weeds out!

The picture to the right illustrates limestone edging, retaining walls along the house and Limestone Steps. These steps help draw the eye to interesting areas of your landscape. We completely designed this landscape - we formed beds, seeded the turf and created the retaining walls.


We also specialize Limestone Steps & Landings. This picture shows limestone steps we installed next to a driveway. We take pride in making sure the steps are level, long lasting and attractive in your landscape. Our designers always keep the aesthetics and functionality of your landscape in mind.


We can also build Limestone Tree Wells. These are similar to retaining walls. This tree well helps conceal the tree roots to maintain its health. This can be found outside an apartment complex in the Ames Historical District. It was installed years ago, and still holds its structure and appeal.


In addition to the examples given, we can build many other limestone structures in your landscape. We have built patios, landings and more. Our experience and knowledge will show when you hire us to improve your landscape.




Fieldstone is a very versatile landscaping resource. If you are a fan of the natural look, this could be a great addition to your landscape. This picture shows a fieldstone terrace within a front yard plant bed. Fieldstone adds depth and looks great with low growing plants!


Fieldstone makes great retaining walls. The picture to the left shows a wall we installed. This wall allows for the turf to be flat instead of a graded hill. This is beneficial for drainage, erosion and playing outside!


Fieldstone Raised Beds are a great addition to a landscape stiving for a rustic look. They are semi-natural and very interesting. They create a distinct growing area for ornamental plants, or a unique outdoor living space. We have tons of experience installing any kind of fieldstone structure.



Pavers come in different sizes and colors. They add color and interest as well as functionality to your landscape. We can set them in many different patterns. Pavers can make great patios. The picture to the right shows a radial design patio we installed in a landscape. The use of different sized pavers adds aesthetic appeal.


This photo shows how pavers can be used in combination with plants to make an attractive landscape. The installation of pavers transformed this front yard into a relaxing outdoor living space. We also installed the plant bed and boulders.



                                                  Additional Services

With our years of experience, we have become experts in Plant and Bed Installation. We use the mulch and compost we produce to ensure healthy, attractive plants and beds!


We provide any landscape needs! We promise quality results with our grass seeding and lawn grading and drainage! We completely created the landscape shown to the right. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you!


We can provide even more than other landscape companies! We can construct fences and other wood structures. Our customers receive the very best service, and any landscape improvements they want - all just from us!


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