Landscape Supplies

American Landscapes produces our own recycled mulch products, compost and topsoil mixes here in Ames, Iowa. Our mulch and compost are made by utilizing the waste products from our services as well as utilizing organic waste from homes and businesses around Ames. These products are natural and local.

We also provide different types of stone used in landscape projects such as retaining walls, terraces and more.


Available for Purchase at our Office:

          407 Freel Drive, Ames, IA, 50010

Or by Appointment: 

          (515) 232-7782

Call or stop by for pricing and availability!



We produce our own high quality, aged hardwood mulch here in Ames.

Great for any landscaping needs.


Compost & Topsoil

We collect yard waste from the Ames area and turn in into compost.

All compost & topsoil is screened and processed to provide the material.

This compost boosts plant growth a ton!



There are many different types of limestone that can be used in many different landscape settings.

We can provide and install any limestone features in your landscape.



Fieldstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and we can provide them all.

Fieldstone can offer a more natural look to your landscape.



We also provide boulders for landscaping projects.

Boulders can add interest, balance space and serve as edging.

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